‘Beats on the Streets’ is an exciting new project creating young drumming groups. Anyone can join in, whether you are new to drumming or an experienced drummer. Initially based in Taunton and Bridgwater, the project is led by young drummer Sean O’Hara, along with two other professional drummers, Emma Holbrook and Jo Meikle. It is run by The Sounds of the Streets.

Street drumming uses a variety of drums and percussion, creating strong rhythmic music that draws on the rhythms of Hip Hop, rock, Samba, Dohl, and much more. Beats on the Streets gives young people the opportunity to create music and will be offering taster sessions to as many groups as possible. The project aims to create young drum groups, train up new young leaders, and form a ‘pilot’ band to develop ideas and demonstrate the concept.

The new bands will perform on the streets, at local events like the Carnival and Christmas Lights, and could become a great community resource and showcase for the talent in the two towns.

Tim from Sound of the Streets comments:

“Street drumming is empowering and confidence-building. It teaches skills, cooperation, and group awareness. It’s a great way to make music.”

The project has been created by Sound of the Streets, a charity that creates street music festivals and education projects, and inspires and supports children and young people to make music. It is funded by the Make Music Repeat programme run by locally-based Actiontrack and Taunton Town Council.

The Sound of the Streets is a charity that creates festivals, parades, concerts, education projects, CPD days, and workshops. They run two youth bands, inspiring and helping young people to play wind, brass, and percussion instruments. The charity supports this activity with resources, podcasts, and films, exploring the history and traditions of outdoor music and celebratory sound. Visit www.thesoundofthestreets.com for more information.

Contact Tim at tim@thesoundofthestreets.com for more information.