On the 28th June, we were joined in the Taunton Brewhouse by some fantastic musicians and music educators for our Street Music in Education CPD Day!

The day was divided into a series of presentations and practical workshops run by some of the countries leading practitioners in this field, including Kay Charlton from The Bollywood Brass Band, Ollie Tunmer from The Beat Goes on and Shayanna Dyer Harris from Kinetika Bloco. We even ended the day in true street band fashion with a performance out on the street.

We looked at using body percussion as a fun, accessible way of making music, whole classroom ensemble teaching, simple playing and dancing, how to inspire young people to learn and continue playing instruments and much more.

“It’s a beautiful day when you’re in a room full of people who are passionate about music, education and sharing the knowledge in school and out, with community music and street bands!” – Kinetika Bloco

“The day gave me lots of practical ideas and more general inspiration for arranging improvised large ensemble music with the groups I teach. I have already 1) used one of Ollie Tunmer’s body percussion riffs with a few groups as a warm-up and as a basis for improvisation; 2) Laid plans for a Y5 large ensemble / street band to start in September 3) Incorporated improvisation into every single lesson I have taught this week.”

Thank you so much to all the brilliant musicians who joined us and shared their enthusiasm and knowledge. We can’t wait to hear the results!