Calling all music educators, come and join us for our Street Band Education Day!

28th June | 10am – 4:30pm | Taunton Brewhouse | FREE

A day exploring the potential of street bands in education, this CPD session brings together some of the leading practitioners using street music with children and young people.

Street bands are one of the musical wonders of the world and their music has unique potential in both formal and informal education. This is a music that builds musical skills and confidence, is engaging and empowering.

In association with Somerset Music, the day will include an introduction to street bands and how their music and approaches can be used in education, together with practical workshops, break-out sessions, and resources for

people to use. The sessions will range through using street music in Primary and Secondary school bands, creating new bands, youth groups, street bands as a community and celebratory resource and street percussion.

Session leaders include Marcus Britton from Oi Musica, Kay Charlton from the Bollywood Brass Band, Ollie Tunmer – former Stomp cast member and director of Beat Goes On, Vincent Trombone – musician and teacher specialising in street music, tutors from Kinetika Bloco including Shayanna Dyer-Harris, drum tutor and our very own Timothy Milton Hill.

A day not to be missed! The day will be free, there are plenty of places to eat nearby or you can bring your own lunch. To book your place please email Tim:

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