The Sound of the Streets is heading to Devon to hold workshops and perform at the much-anticipated, Devon and Torbay Music Hub’s The Mix Festival. Set to take place on the 5th and 6th of July 2024, The Mix promises to be a vibrant celebration of music, creativity, and youthful energy.

What is The Mix Festival?

The Mix Festival is an annual event dedicated to children and young people, designed to ignite their passion for music and performance. Hosted over two days at the picturesque Bridwell Park, the festival features a blend of live music performances, interactive workshops, and immersive experiences that are sure to captivate attendees.

Friday, 5th July: School Groups Take the Spotlight

Friday is exclusively reserved for school groups, ensuring that over 2000 children will have an unforgettable day filled with musical discovery and excitement. The Sound of the Streets will play a crucial role in this education day, bringing a unique twist to the festival with their dynamic street band performances.

Saturday, 6th July: Families and the Public Join In

On Saturday, The Mix opens its doors to families and the general public. This day will be packed with interactive activities and inspiring performances, providing an all-encompassing musical experience for attendees of all ages.

The Sound of the Streets Experience

The Sound of the Streets is renowned for its high-energy street band performances that blend various musical styles into a lively and engaging show. At The Mix Festival, they will be conducting interactive workshops and delivering performances designed to both educate and entertain.

Friday Highlights: A Joyful and Crazy Musical Extravaganza

  • Interactive Performances: The Sound of the Streets will lead primary school children through a series of interactive performances. These sessions are crafted to be joyful and crazy, ensuring that the young participants have a blast while learning about different musical styles and instruments.
  • Engagement and Education: By combining fun with education, the street band will introduce children to the world of music in a way that is both accessible and exhilarating. The goal is to inspire a lasting love for music in each child.

Saturday Performances: Open to All

On Saturday, the Sound of the Streets will take the stage to perform for a wider audience. Families and festival-goers can look forward to an electrifying show that showcases the talent and creativity of this exceptional street band. Their performances are sure to be a highlight of the festival, bringing everyone together in a celebration of music and community.

Why Attend The Mix Festival?

The Mix Festival is more than just an event; it’s an opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of music and creativity. Whether you’re a child experiencing the joy of live music for the first time, a parent sharing a special moment with your family, or an educator looking for inspiration, The Mix offers something for everyone.

With the Sound of the Streets adding their unique flair to the festival, attendees are guaranteed an experience that is both memorable and inspiring. So, mark your calendars for the 5th and 6th of July 2024, and get ready to be part of a musical journey that promises to enthuse and inspire.

Join us at Bridwell Park for The Mix Festival and let the Sound of the Streets lead you on an unforgettable musical adventure!